Monday, September 18, 2017

Art Spiegelman: Cut and Pasted

For the copy of Maus II (1992) in the library of collage artist Stephen Kroninger and his wife Aviva, Art Spiegelman created a unique studio illustration. The striking figure of Art as a Jewish maus includes a collaged maus head over a loose ink sketch.

Maus II (1992) inscribed "For Steve + Aviva
with warm wishes
Art Spiegelman"

Note:  Thanks once more to Stephen Kroninger for providing me with a series of scans and photos from his library.

I'm always looking for scans and photographs of uniquely-personalized books by Art Spiegelman and other New Yorker artists. Feel free to share your prized collection here.

The new American Bystander #5 will carry the very first classified ad for this blog. Boy, will you be disappointed.


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