Friday, September 29, 2017

Sheet Music from Murray Anderson's Almanac

Rare sheet music from "Murray Anderson's Almanac," a 1929 Broadway revue, has found its way onto eBay. The show's creators include Noel Coward, Rube Goldberg, and Peter Arno. Imagine a time when being a famous cartoonist got you invited to work with Noël Coward on Broadway! But let's have Arno's biographer Michael Maslin tell you about it:

Michael Maslin. Peter Arno: The Mad, Mad World of The New Yorker's Greatest Cartoonist, New York:  Regan Arts, 2016, page 64.

"I May Be Wrong (But, I Think You're Wonderful)" is a lovely sentiment marred only perhaps by a superfluous comma. I trust your uke is in tune:

"Murray Anderson's Almanac"
eBay Listing as of September 24, 2017

"Murray Anderson's Almanac," 1929
eBay Item Description

Peter Arno advertised for Camel cigarettes in the show's Playbill:
"Murray Anderson's Almanac," 1929
Peter Arno advertisement for Camel

A 1929 recording of the song

Note:  I may be wrong, but I think you're wonderful too. And I'm not just saying that to get you to send me rare images of the art of Peter Arno and Rube Goldberg.

A completely different edition of "Murray Anderson's Almanac" opened on Broadway in 1953.

Michael Maslin's 2016 biography Peter Arno: The Mad, Mad World of The New Yorker's Greatest Cartoonist is available on Amazon and at other places where fine books are still sold.


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