Sunday, October 1, 2017

The American Bystander #5

Right now you could be reading the brand new American Bystander #5 which sports a cover by the late Jack Ziegler.

Jack Ziegler, The American Bystander #5, Summer 2017

The artwork was originally conceived by Mr. Ziegler as a New Yorker cover, but it was not accepted by the magazine. It came to wide attention in a pamphlet distributed at Jack Ziegler's memorial in June and subsequently publicized on Ink Spill.
Jack Ziegler memorial pamphlet showing his proposed New Yorker cover

Image added October 29, 2017

The classified section of the American Bystander features the world's first ad for one of my favorite blogs. While I doubt any traffic will come here as a result, if new readers should arrive today they will find today's first sentence waiting especially for them.

Note:  Attempted Bloggery publishes scans or photographs of original cartoon art by Jack Ziegler and other New Yorker artists. Okay, artists from the American Bystander are also welcome.

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