Thursday, October 5, 2017

Gahan Wilson's Nuts: Memories of Summer Camp

Remember when seemingly everyone had a sugar-coated impression of what childhood had been like, but only Gahan Wilson recalled it in all its anxiety-ridden horror? He created the comic strip Nuts for the National Lampoon, and it was later collected in book form. Sometimes that stroll down memory lane can be quite harrowing...

Gahan Wilson, Nuts, 1976
Original art
Sometimes the art is too big for the scanner. Hint:  you can make a second scan.

The page from the Nuts—ahem!—graphic novel

Gahan Wilson
eBay Listing Ended August 12, 2015

Gahan Wilson
eBay Item Description

Gahan Wilson
eBay Bid History
This is curious. The winning bidder here demonstrates the know-how to electronically place three simultaneous bids four seconds before the auction's close, but to what end? There is no practical reason for this redundant triple-snipe other than perhaps to safeguard the placement of bids against possible rare technical errors. Only the highest bid should be necessary. (Of course, one account does not bid against itself.)

Note:  In what issue of National Lampoon did this 1976 strip first appear? Surely someone must recall it...

Remember when you could take your original art by Gahan Wilson or other New Yorker artists and make scans or photographs of it, email it in to your friendly blogger, and wait to see it appear on the internet in all its glory? Those were the days, my friend...and they still are.

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