Saturday, October 28, 2017

The Water Flowers Signed by Edward Gorey

It seems superfluous to speak of oddities where the published work of Edward Gorey is concerned. Even so, The Water Flowers (1982) doesn't seem especially typical of the artist. The water flowers convey an unearthly menace with their spearlike form and subtle undulation in the current. Although they occur together, they each appear very much isolated. Compositional monotony is averted through variations in flower height on the cover (and depth in the interior illustration), and by Gorey giving each group a single flower that curves away from the vertical. Even the irregular spacing of the lettering on the cover across the flower stalks is unsettling. This signed copy is currently available on Abe Books.

Edward Gorey, The Water Flowers, 1982

Edward Gorey's signature

Edward Gorey
Abe Books Listing as of October 28, 2017

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