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George Cruikshank: Giles Scroggins' Ghost

When standing all by the bed post,
A figure tall her sight engross'd
And it cri'd, "I be Giles Scroggins' ghost," 
Fol lol de rol de rol de ra.
The ghost it said, all solemnly,
Fol lol de rol de rol de ra.
"O Molly you must go with I,
Fol de rol de rol de ra.
"All to the grave your love to cool,"
Says she, "I am not dead, you fool."
Says the ghost, says he, "Vhy that's no rule,"
Fol lol de rol de rol de ra.
"Giles Scroggins' Ghost"
—Charles Dibdin, Jr.

George Cruikshank's illustration of the theatrical ballad "Giles Scroggins' Ghost" was offered for sale at Illustration House in 2007. It's ghoulish humor apparently did not resonate with any potential buyer and the artwork went unsold.

George Cruikshank, Giles Scroggins' Ghost, c. 1830

Illustration House
June 2, 2007
Lot 111

For publication, Cruikshank's watercolor was handed over to an engraver. So why was a color original needed at all?

"Giles Scroggins' Ghost" illustrated by George Cruikshank
The Bodleian Library

Shepley Singers
"Giles Scroggins' Ghost"
Lyrics by Charles Dibdin, Jr.
Music by William Reeve

"Giles Scroggins' Ghost"

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