Sunday, October 22, 2017

George Booth—A Cartoonist's Life

This week George Booth is coming to the Society of Illustrators! Curated by animator J. J. Sedelmaier, the show "George Booth—A Cartoonist's Life" opens on October 24 with an opening reception on the 27th. "This is the first exhibit exclusively dedicated to George Booth's work," according to the Society's website. That represents a tremendous oversight on the part of the art world, even though technically it isn't true. In 1978, Mr. Booth had a monthlong solo exhibit at the Nicholls Gallery.

"George Booth—A Cartoonist's Life"

George Booth, 1996
Absolutely No Pets

Three issues of Leatherneck with contributions by George Booth

George Booth
"Mister Berghwin is not himself lately. And the cat hasn't been acting right, either."

"George Booth—A Cartoonist's Life" at the Society of Illustrators
"This is the first exhibit exclusively dedicated to George Booth's work."

Meanwhile, forty years earlier...
The New Yorker, February 13, 1978, page 8

Booth exhibition ad
The New Yorker, February 13, 1978, page 126

What do you suppose became of those $20 signed posters? As a matter of fact, there's one available on eBay right now!
George Booth, signed exhibition poster for the Nicholls Gallery, 1978

George Booth's signature

George Booth
eBay Listing as of October 21, 2017

George Booth
eBay Item Description
"Reframing wouldn't be a terrible idea." Yup.

* * *

George Booth
"Very good, Leon."

Note:  All original artwork shown here is from the George Booth Collection via the Society of Illustrators website.

It's George Booth's moment. As always, I'm looking for scans or photos of original art by the cartoonist. Published rarities are also welcome.

I hope to be in attendance at the opening reception Friday. Don't be shy about saying hello.

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