Tuesday, August 22, 2017

My Entries in the Moment Cartoon Caption Contest for July/August 2017

The bimonthly Moment magazine cartoon caption contest offers the chance to try one's hand at Jewish humor. There is no limit to the number of entries. I submitted four in the July/August 2017 contest, of which I like the third one best, then the fourth. The drawing is by Benjamin Schwartz.

"When did we become beta testers?"
"I thought this would be more hands-on."
"You and your cutting edge technology!"
"Must we always be the first?"

Glossary:  A mohel is a Jewish practitioner of ritual circumcision.

September 11, 2017 Update:  The Finalists

You can vote for your favorite caption here. The deadline is October 20. While you're there, why not enter the current contest yourself?

December 2, 2017 Update:  Winning Caption

Note:  Benjamin Schwartz is our go-to guy for caption contests and medical humor, whatever that is.

If you've got time on your hands stranded on a desert island with a good wi-fi signal, you may want to take a look at all the cartoon caption contests I ever entered. Really, you should have brought along a book. More to the points, I now have documented four years' worth of Moment Magazine cartoon caption contests. Go ahead, take a look.


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