Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Gender-Specific Mischa Richter

In 1993, the New Yorker ran a cartoon by Mischa Richter on the subject of gender specificity, at least as it relates to clothing. One notable 1990 exception by Ed Koren aside, gender issues just didn't come up in New Yorker cartoons prior to this. Tina Brown had became the magazine's editor in 1992 and she was keen to introduce edgier content into the magazine, including the cartoons. Nonetheless, this Richter cartoon seems rather tame by today's standards. The original art was sold last year on eBay .

Gender-Specific Clothing
Mischa Richter, original art
The New Yorker, October 25, 1993, page 8

Mischa Richter
eBay Listing as of October 8, 2016
Mischa Richter
eBay Listing Ended October 12, 2016

eBay Item Description
eBay Bid History
Ten bids. The final one wins it.


Note:  The remarkable cartoon by Edward Koren I'm referring to may be seen here.

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