Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Donald Trump's 2005 Sketch for Pushing the Envelope to Support Literacy

An original 2005 sketch by Donald Trump features Trump Tower as a prominent landmark in the New York City skyline. The boldly-signed drawing's sale last week was picked up the news media and helped to create some buzz for Nate D. Sanders Auctions. For years, Mr. Trump's sketches for charity auctions were a win-win for both the then–real estate developer and the various charities he supported. The charities were only too pleased to have Trump's participation. A press release from Pitney Bowes, the sponsor of the "Pushing the Envelope" campaign to support literacy, listed Donald Trump first among the celebrities contributing drawings. Bidders, in turn, responded enthusiastically to his sketches.

Trump, for his part, did well too. He was able to participate in charity events at no financial cost to himself; he donated signed drawings that took a few minutes at most to create. Despite lacking any drawing skills to speak of, he was able to create signature works that effectively promoted both himself and his brand, not an easy thing for anyone. As might be expected, his election as President of the United States has increased interest in Trump memorabilia including drawings that are out there. This one had a minimum bid of $9,000 and sold on July 27th for $29,184.

Donald Trump
Nate D. Sanders Auction Listing
July 27, 2017

Inside Edition
July 26, 2017

The auction house listing states this piece was "Originally drawn by Trump for a charity event, and very rare, with only a handful of such drawings known." That "handful," so far as I can tell, was identified through research done here on this very blog. In the blog archives there are three other drawings of the New York skyline by Mr. Trump, two on paper and one on a ceramic mask. There is also a tracing done by Trump of his own hand. Not that you asked, but it's quite large.

Note:  Look in the blog archives here for what may well be the most complete record of Donald Trump's drawings for charity events.


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