Thursday, August 31, 2017

Gregory d'Alessio: Summer Fishing

The June 11, 1949 cover of Collier's features an illustration by Gregory d'Alessio. The summery image features an overcrowded recreational fishing boat. The illustration is very busy, probably too busy, but its message is clear: the big winners seem to be the seagulls.

Gregory d'Alessio, Collier's, June 11, 1949

Note:  Yesterday marked Gregory d'Alessio's first appearance on Attempted Bloggery. As I noted, Ink Spill has documented his work for the New Yorker appearing between 1934 and 1940. As you might guess, Attempted Bloggery seeks scans or photographs of original cartoon art by Mr. d'Alessio and other New Yorker artists. Clippings of cartoons and illustrations from Collier's and other publications are also needed to round out our appreciation of this artist.

Mr. d'Alessio's informative New York Times obituary may be seen here.

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