Monday, March 13, 2017

My Entry in the New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest #560—Almost

Dig my entry in the New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest #560 for March 13, 2017. Too bad I forgot to submit it. The drawing is by Mick Stevens,
"Now we tunnel in behind him and make bear sounds."

Intentionally unsubmitted captions:
"Holes are the future. Caves are passé."
"Holes are the future. Caves are passé. Let me do the talking."
"The folded arms mean he won't make a trade."
"The body language means he won't trade homes."
"What time is his surprise party?
"See? No better than a hole in the ground."
"Let's offer to decorate his walls in exchange for shelter."
"Now lure him into the hole while I invent a gate."

March 20, 2017 Update:  The Finalists

March 27, 2017 Update:  I voted for the third caption. I mean, this is an art blog, right?

April 3, 2017 Update:  Winning Caption

Note:  Last week, cartoonist Kim Warp took the Caption Contest for a dive. My caption came out all wet. Soak in all of Contest #559.

Consult the blog archives for more about Mick Stevens.

Cavemen in cartoons. Is that really a thing?


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