Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Jean-Jacques Sempé's La Grande Panique Signed with a Musical Drawing

La Grande Panique [The Great Panic] is a 1966 cartoon collection by Jean-Jacques Sempé. A copy inscribed to pianist John Philips includes a drawing of a pianist and a harpist preparing for a performance by—what else?—tying back their hair. The unique book was sold on eBay by Dunaway Books in St. Louis for $129.26 in November of 2007.

Jean-Jacques Sempé, La Grande Panique, Denoël, 1966

Inscribed "For John Philips, Sempé" with a drawing of a pianist and harpist tying back their hair on a concert stage

Note:  Cartoons books with original drawings by Jean-Jacques Sempé (and others) are a specialty of the house here at Attempted Bloggery. Please send scans or photos of your own examples of the house special and I'll see what we can put on the menu.

Pianist John Philips, as we have seen, recorded at least one piece by Darius Milhaud in France. His library contained Sempé first editions personalized by the artist over at least two decades. So how did his book collection get to a bookseller in St. Louis? Anyone?

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