Thursday, March 16, 2017

Jean-Jacques Sempé's Tout se Complique Signed with a Musical Drawing

A copy of Jean-Jacques Sempé's Tout se Complique [Eveerything is Complicated] is inscribed to pianist John Philips. It has an original drawing of a pianist playing, if not the Moonlight Sonata, then a sonata in the moonlight. It was sold on eBay by Dunaway Books of St. Louis in September of 2007 for $135.50.

Jean-Jacques Sempé, Tout se Complique, Denoël, 1964

Inscribed "Pour John Phlips, Sempé" with a drawing of a pianist playing in the moonlight

Note:  Cartoons books with original drawings by Jean-Jacques Sempé (and others) are a specialty of the house here at Attempted Bloggery. Please send scans or photos of your own examples of the house special and we'll what we can put on the menu.

Information about the pianist John Philips, likely a longtime friend of Sempé, would be welcome as well. Did he have a prosperous concert career? Did he record more than the Milhaud piano and ondes Martenot sonata?

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