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Dorothy McKay in College Humor, July 1936

Cartoonist Dorothy McKay typically published two full-page cartoons in those issues of College Humor which included her work. In the July 1936 number, she depicts two encounters between young adults and the older generation. In each, she offers a laugh to her readers who, despite their relative youth and inexperience, can feel confident they are more sexually sophisticated than the speakers in the cartoons. The first is set at a wedding and reinforces a young person's stereotypical view of how the older generation just doesn't get it, particularly regarding the facts of life. Note the obvious innocence of the question being asked.

"And what are you planning to do on your honeymoon, my dear children?"
Dorothy McCay, College Humor, Vol. 2, No. 2, July 1936, page 29

Another cartoon brings another over-the-top question. In this second cartoon, though, it's the young, attractive woman who proves sexually naive:

"Sure, Sally Jones gets all the fellows—She's rich—What have I got to offer them?"
Dorothy McCay, College Humor, Vol. 2, No. 2, July 1936, page 35

Note:  The July 1936 issue of College Humor is one of 5,600 pieces in the Steven Boss humor magazine collection at Columbia University located in the Rare Book & Manuscript Library. Thanks to Karen Green, Curator for Comics and Cartoons, for her assistance. Yes, that's her new title. Could anything be more awesome?

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