Friday, March 17, 2017

Jean-Jacques Sempé's Sauve Qui Peut Signed with a Musical Drawing

A copy of Jean-Jacques Sempé's Sauve Qui Peut [Every Man for Himself] (1964) is inscribed to pianist John Philips. It has an original 1966 drawing of a harp duet of sorts. The book was sold on eBay for $104.50 on September 25, 2007 by Dunaway Books of St. Louis.

Jean-Jacques Sempé, Sauve Qui Peut,  Denoël, 1964

Signed "Pour John Philips, Sempé, 1966" with a drawing of a woman and man playing either side of a harp in concert while busts of the great composers are mounted high above them.

Note:  Really, who's better than Sempé? Collectors with original works by Jean-Jacques Sempé who want to see them on a stranger's blog should send scans or photos. It's every man for himself.

I'd also love to hear from anyone with knowledge of the pianist John Philips, his friendship with Sempé, and his recordings.

Sauve Qui Peut is an idiomatic expression that roughly translates as Rush to Escape. I chose to translate it as Every Man for Himself, which it has come to mean, but it also has the sense of Get Out While You Can. 

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