Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Charles Addams: Morticia Haunting

On October 23 of this year, @joecab left a comment on my milestone 2000th blog post, which was all about how Charles Addams turned me into a first-time rare book collector. He wrote:

I actually have a copy of this book not only signed, but with a drawing of Morticia in it.
My brother was friends with a woman who knew Chas and she got a copy made out to him with the drawing and signature. Morticia is even in two colors: black and a gray wash (watercolor?). Knowing what a buff I am, my brother was kind enough to give it to me.
Now that's a good brother! Reader @joecab followed up by sending along a couple of photos of the book, which is Favorite Haunts published in 1976 and embellished by Mr. Addams two years later. This one remains a keeper!

Charles Addams, Favorite Haunts, 1976
 Copy belonging to @joecab

Inscribed "To Richard/with all best/Chas Addams/1978"

Note:  My thanks go out to @joecab for sharing his gem of a book with us. Charles Addams was fairly generous to his fans. Fans who would like to return the favor may send in scans or photos of original Addams works.

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