Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Original Art 2016 Exhibit at the Society of Illustrators

I don't even pretend to keep up with children's book illustration, but if The Original Art 2016 Exhibit at the Society of Illustrators is any indication, an uncanny amount of amazing art is currently being produced for our youngest readers. I couldn't help snapping a few pictures. Unfortunately, the combination of fluorescent light and reflective glass utterly defeats my crude photography skills. The good news though is you can see all the art for yourself at the Society through December 23.

Lauren Castillo, It is Not Time for Sleeping (A Bedtime Story)
Lane Smith, Penguin Problems

Melissa Sweet, Some Writer! The Story of E. B. White
Stuart Little, 1945

Dan Santat, Are We There Yet?
Ron Husband, Steamboat School

Sergio Ruzzier, This is Not a Picture Book!
Some are funny!

William Joyce, Ollie's Odyssey

Barry Blitt, You Never Heard of Casey Stengel?!

Barry Blitt, You Never Heard of Casey Stengel?!
Image added December 17, 2016

Roz Chast, No Fair! No Fair! And Other Jolly Poems of Childhood

Liam Francis Walsh, Fish
The Society posted scans of the award winners:
Gold Medal:  B. B. Cronin, The Lost House
Or is it this? Digitally manipulated images muddle the meaning of original art.
Gold Medal:  B. B. Cronin, The Lost House

Silver Medal: Beth Krommes, Before Morning
Founder's Award:  The Fan Brothers, The Night Gardener


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