Thursday, December 8, 2016

eBay 101: First Things First

Quick, what was being offered for sale in each of these eBay auctions from a single seller?

If your answer was original New Yorker cartoon art by Claude Smith along with a copy of the original magazine in which it appeared, then congratulations! If your answer was anything else, well, better luck next time.

The eBay seller must have been seduced by the New Yorker's incredible cover art (here by Charles E. Martin, Abe Birnbaum, Charles E. Martin again, and Peter Arno) and given the primary image slot over to that rather than to the unique original art that was offered. Everything sold just fine, sure, but a copy of the magazine is a relatively cheap commodity whereas the original art is the thing to be prized. 

Note:  I will present each of these auctions separately at some point in the future. Claude fans, stay tuned.

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