Monday, November 21, 2016

Masterpiece Mini-Comics Signed by R. Sikoryak

The MoCCA Arts Festival, or MoCCA Fest, was held this year on April 2nd and 3rd at a new venue, Metropolitan West, not far from the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. On the second day I had barely two hours to spend there so regrettably I did not attend any of the programming. Instead I picked up a number of signed books. It's time I shared them with you. First up is Masterpiece Mini-Comics (2013) by R. Sikoryak. He signed my copy and included a drawing of the hero of "Popysseus and His Journey Home." Homer would be so proud.

R. Sikoryak, Masterpiece Mini-Comics, 2013

R. Sikoryak, Masterpiece Mini-Comics, 2013
Inscribed with a drawing of Popysseus "Ahoy Stephen!/—Best, R. Sikoryak/2016"

Note:  This is cartoonist R. Sikoryak's first mention on the blog. My bad.

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