Sunday, January 5, 2014

Liza Donnelly: Women on Men

Liza Donnelly's new cartoon book Women on Men (2013) arrived in the mail yesterday and it looks great. For once, men don't have much to say for themselves; the amusing commentary is all from a woman's perspective. It turns out we men make good subjects for humor. Who'd have guessed?

The following scans were graciously provided by Ms. Donnelly. You may contact her directly ( to order a signed book at a discount with a drawing inside. As a man might say, Come on, you know you want it.

Liza Donnelly, Women on Men, 2013

Liza Donnelly, Running Woman

Note:  Copies of Women on Men in various digital and (unsigned) hard copy formats may be ordered from the publisher Narrative Magazine here.

My previous post about Liza Donnelly may be seen here.

Ms. Donnelly's website is here.

Some, but not enough, of her New Yorker work is available in the Cartoon Bank here.

News about Liza Donnelly may be found on Ink Spill here.

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