Sunday, January 19, 2014

Signed German Edition of Ronald Searle (1978)

Don Hobbs' library is proof of Sherlock love on a whole different scale. His 11,000-volume collection spans the globe.
"Sherlock Holmes has been translated into 98 languages; I've been able to find 92 of those," Hobbs said.
Including editions from Egypt, Bulgaria, even an Eskimo language "Hound of the Baskervilles."
What doesn't he have?  Tajikistan? He's got it.
Uzbekistan? "I do," he replied.
"Deducing the Timeless Popularity of Sherlock Holmes"
"CBS Sunday Morning," January 19, 2014 

Today on "CBS Sunday Morning," we got a glimpse of Don Hobbs's library featuring editions of Sherlock Holmes by A. Conan Doyle in 92 languages. Occasionally, I too have been tempted by foreign language editions of favorite books, by which I mean cartoon books, of course. This is somewhat surprising, because I am pretty much unable to read books that are not in my native tongue. The esthetic appeal of book collecting somehow can go beyond the actual ability to read the book. Sometimes there might be a further inducement to purchase a foreign-language edition, such as an original inscription by an artist.

The monograph Ronald Searle from 1978 certainly qualifies as a favorite book--I have three copies of which I can explain only two--although I have never purchased a copy in any language other than English. In November 1978, Searle apparently attended a book signing in Berlin to promote the German edition of his new book. He inscribed it in English to one Hermann Warnakoff. So this strikes me as a very desirable copy of the German language edition.

Ronald Searle, Ronald Searle, 1978, front cover to the German edition

Inscribed "for Hermann Warnakoff/with best wishes./Ronald Searle/Berlin, 27 Nov. 1978."
Ronald Searle, 1978, German edition
Ronald Searle, Cancer
Ronald Searle, 1978, German edition
Ronald Searle, La France at Table
Ronald Searle, 1978, German edition
Ronald Searle, Gourmet and Artist
Ronald Searle, 1978, German edition 

This item was originally offered on eBay with a Buy It Now price of 150 GBP.

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