Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Paul Degen: Autumn Leaves

Autumn leaves are the subject of this original illustration by Paul Degen. It is hard to complete the task of raking while the leaves are still falling and one is daydreaming.

Paul Degen, autumn leaf raking

Paul Degen, artwork featuring autumn leaf raking

January 15, 2017 Update:  The artwork is indeed still available despite claims to the contrary and the seller has raised the price to 450 GBP. Of course, the pound sterling has weakened since the Brexit vote, rendering the price in U.S. dollars basically unchanged. Is the seller pricing this piece specifically for the U.S. market?
eBay Listing as of January 15, 2017

Note:  More artwork by Paul Degen is on view here.

An earlier post about autumn leaves may be seen here.


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