Thursday, January 16, 2014

Street Performer: Paul Degen Proposed New Yorker Cover Art

Paul Degen's lively view of a street performer juggling while riding a unicycle is an example of New Yorker cover concept art currently available on eBay. The line down the left-hand margin indicates the location of the strap, a border area adjacent to the staples used on New Yorker covers since the very first issue. A blank area has been left at the top to accommodate the magazine's logo.

The eBay seller, fast-fox-art, has acquired a number of Degen originals from the family the artist stayed with in Brooklyn. Over the years, that family themselves sold many of the artist's drawings on eBay, including preliminary art for some of his many New Yorker covers.

Paul Degen, a proposed New Yorker cover of a street performer

eBay Item Description
Paul Degen, a proposed New Yorker cover of a street performer
Image added January 15, 2017

January 15, 2017 Update:  The price remains 350 G.B.P., but with the pound's weakness after the Brexit vote, that translates to about a $150 discount is U.S. dollars compared with the 2014 price.
eBay Listing as of January 15, 2017

Note:  Paul Degen's art is featured on the blog here.

Other proposed but rejected New Yorker covers may be seen here.


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