Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Virgil Partch: Show Jumping

Scott Burns has done it again. He writes with an original equestrian cartoon from the madcap Virgil Partch, who signs his name Vip. As prolific as Partch was, Scott notes that we don't see too many of his cartoons in color. Scott dates this cartoon to the Big George years, which would be from 1960, the panel strip's origin, to Partch's death in 1984 (although the comic strip continued until 1990 when Vip's finished gags ran out).

Virgil Partch
Scan by Scott Burns

Note:  My thanks once again go to Scott Burns. This is his fifth contribution to Attempted Bloggery and the fourth original Vip cartoon he has unearthed. What will come next? Wait and see.

Was this cartoon published? If so, where and when? Those are the kinds of questions I like to ask but can't answer. If you can, please contact me.

There is quite a lot of original Virgil Partch cartoon art out there, enough to support a dedicated Vip blog, no doubt. Until such a blog arrives on the scene, I will be happy to post scans of original Partch art right here. All you need is a Partch cartoon and a scanner. Come on, you know what to do.


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