Sunday, October 11, 2020

Bob Eckstein: In Search of a China Shop

Last week the Facebook group New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest Rejects (and Enthusiasts) held a one-off caption contest featuring a cartoon by Bob Eckstein showing These days most of the caption contests based on The New Yorker model offer no tangible prize at all, but this one is actually pretty sweet. The original of this signed cartoon embellished with the winning caption is to be the first prize in the contest. Second prize is an inscribed copy of All’s Fair in Love & War: The Ultimate Cartoon Book (2020) edited by Bob Eckstein. The third prize is a copy of The Elements of Stress and the Pursuit of Happy-ish in this Current Sh*tstorm (2020) by Bob Eckstein and Michael Shaw, also inscribed by—no coincidence—Bob Eckstein. The contest, which closed Friday, was open only to members of the Facebook group.
"This year I'm bullish on chaos."

Incidentally, the caption shown here, which I did write, is really just a placeholder. I did not enter the contest and did not come up with even this rudimentary caption until today, two days after the contest closed. Promotions have their place though, and this contest reminds us of a cause to celebrate: the publication of two new books from Bob Eckstein.

October 12, 2020 Update:  The Finalists

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