Sunday, October 18, 2020

Morice's Copy of Here We Go Again by Virgil Partch

A woman struggling against a man's unwanted advances is the subject of an original drawing in Here We Go Again (1951) by Virgil Franklin Partch who usually signs his work as Vip. There is no signature though on this particular page. Men should take note that it is no longer considered acceptable to forcibly put one's shoes on the upholstery.

Scan by Scott Burns

Note:  My thanks to Scott Burns of Burns Bizarre for this scan of original Partch art from one of his books. He is now up to nine contributions to this blog.

There are still a lot of unphotographed and unblogged Partch books out there. Attempted Bloggery is looking for additional images of original Vip cartoons or signed Virgil Partch books with drawings.


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