Saturday, October 17, 2020

Snookey's Copy of Bottle Fatigue by Vip

Virgil Partch, or Vip, was quite generous in presenting readers with drawings in his signed cartoon books. Even so, Snookey must have been pretty special to merit not one but two full-page cartoons in the book Bottle Fatigue (1950), a collection of cartoons about alcohol. The drawings seem to be unusually finished and may have been executed in Partch's studio. The drawings, left to right, are labeled (Scotch) and (Gin). Or perhaps they're about shaking drinks.
Scan by Scott Burns

Note:  Scott Burns has come through once again with a great scan of a Partch rarity. This is his eighth contribution to this blog. You'll see, we'll be up to ten in no time.

Can one have too much of a good thing? I don't see how. Attempted Bloggery seeks images of original Vip cartoons or signed Virgil Partch books with souvenir drawings.


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