Thursday, July 16, 2020

Babs and Uncle Bill's Copy of The Dead Game Sportsmen by VIP

VIP is the pen name of Virgil Franklin Partch. (Why did I always assumed his middle name started with an I? Ah, well.) The Dead Game Sportsmen is a decidedly offbeat title for a cartoon collection, even for a decidedly offbeat cartoon collection. It was published in 1954, but Babs, Uncle Bill, and kids didn't receive their copy until 1970, inscribed with a tongue-not-in-cheek "Get Well" drawing. Were they all sick?

Virgil Partch
AbeBooks Listing Accessed July 6, 2020

Note:  At the time of posting, this book is still available for sale on Abe Books.

Hairy Green Eyeball, a.k.a. Harry Lee Green, has some game scans from The Dead Game Sportsmen here.

Just a hint: uniquely signed, inscribed, or drawn upon copies of books by Virgil Partch always make welcome submissions to the blog. They also make nice gifts.

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