Friday, May 22, 2020

J. C. Duffy's Henny Youngman Statue

J. C. Duffy's cartoon imagining a statue of comedian Henny Youngman is remarkable enough to have been purchased by the New Yorker and quirky enough to have been killed by it—that is, no longer considered for publication and therefore returned to the artist. The title itself is something of a one-liner, but the payoff, as it were, is in the drawing.
The statue of Henny Youngman rumored
to cry tears of actual seltzer drew
both believers and skeptics.

J. C. Duffy
Killed New Yorker cartoon art

And what a drawing! The statue, viewed from behind, is superbly rendered and expresses, I think, a real fondness for this funnyman that so many of us still feel today. The shading is just fabulous throughout. But the title takes this gag in an unusual direction, imbuing a mock-religious significance to the iconic comic while the two observers, the believer and the skeptic, as they are called, simply carry matters from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Believers in this cartoon, including me and perhaps many others, should realize there was no way the New Yorker couldn't purchase this cartoon, while skeptics might feel there was no way for the magazine to have run it. Both might be correct, as it turns out. So where do you stand, believer or skeptic?


J. C. Duffy
eBay Listing Ended May 1, 2017

J. C. Duffy
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J. C. Duffy
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One last-minute bid

Henny Youngman
The Ed Sullivan Show, 1969

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