Sunday, May 10, 2020

Claude Smith: Free Rein

If you think the postwar popularity of the bikini top went unnoticed by the New Yorker's cartoonists, you probably weren't reading the magazine back then. Original art by cartoonist Claude Smith from 1951 sold earlier this year on eBay illustrates the potential perils of the new fashion. Claude conveys the movement of the horse and the concern of the rider with seeming ease, yet few cartoonists could have made this gag work so well.
Claude Smith
Original art
The New Yorker, September 1, 1951, page 48

This photo has a distorted aspect ratio

Claude Smith
eBay Listing Ended February 10, 2020

Claude Smith
eBay Item Description 

eBay Bid History
One bidder, one last-minute bid

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