Sunday, January 19, 2020

Alice and John McClelland's Copy of Charles Saxon's "Honesty is One of the Better Policies"

In 1984 artist Alice McClelland (1921-2009) and her husband illustrator John H. McClelland (1919-2016) were given a personalized copy of New Yorker cartoonist Charles Saxon's new collection "Honesty is One of the Better Policies": Saxon's World of Business. Saxon signed and inscribed their copy and included an atmospheric sketch of the couple standing upright in a boat in "one of those Spanish moss Indian islands down south." The gift inscription seems to be a heartfelt parting gesture to the McClellands as they relocated to the Savannah, Georgia area.
Charles Saxon
"Honesty is One of the Better Policies":  Saxon's World of Business
New York:  The Viking Press, 1984

Back cover

Inscribed "For Alice and John [McClelland]
leaving for one of those
Spanish moss indian
islands down south
and leaving us bereft.
Much love to
you both.

Copyright page

Chuck Saxon's signature

Charles Saxon
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Charles Saxon
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  This is the first time anywhere I've seen a book  with an original sketch by Charles Saxon (1920-1988)
. There simply have to be more examples in circulation somewhere. Readers with access to any such book embellished with an original Saxon drawing should send scans or photos this way for potential inclusion in a future blog post. 


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