Sunday, July 14, 2019

Zurich Airport 2019

One week ago my family and I flew overseas for some sightseeing in Italy. We are back home now and it is time to begin recounting the adventure. Our trip began as we flew out of JFK over Jamaica Bay on a gray and rainy Saturday afternoon. As you see, I got the window seat.

Swiss is an excellent name for cheese and a very fine one for chocolate as well. I now learn that Swissair has taken the air out of its tires—or at least its name—and begun simply calling itself Swiss. Naturally I disapprove, although I might reconsider if they changed it slightly to something more artistic, say, Bauhaus-Suisse. From now on, I will be flying only on airlines whose names are instantly familiar to me, like Pan Am and TWA.

We had clear skies over the north Atlantic. I was puzzled by some wisps of water vapor that seemed to be floating exactly parallel to our flight path yet so far as I could tell were not generated by our plane. By the time I tried to photograph them, they were gone.

From the air, Switzerland looked as inviting as ever.

If only Italy could prevent stray public cigarette smoke as well as the Camel Smoking Lounge at Zurich Airport! I'd walk a mile for that.

Our European holiday began with a four-hour layover in Zurich, most of which was spent pleasantly in a private airport lounge which afforded us what was to be our best breakfast of the trip. Onward to Rome!

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