Saturday, July 20, 2019

Rome 2019: The Church of Santa Maria Maggiore

This is my third trip to Rome, the previous ones being in March of 1985 and in January of 1995. This month I wasn't prepared for the summer heat, the humidity, and the sheer number of tourists. After taking a connecting flight from Zurich, we took a cab from the airport to our hotel in Rome.

We stayed in Relais Santa Maria Maggiore, an easy walk, as its name suggests, to the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore. It is also convenient to the Rome Termini train station, and even a reasonable walk to the Colosseum. I can't recommend the hotel, though, as rooms were very small—we were given the very smallest—and some staff members were unhelpful if not downright rude. By all means recommend the place to someone you don't like.

The church of Santa Maria Maggiore was new to me, although often mentioned in my freshman-year introductory art history class. Since my last visit, security has increased significantly, especially around religious buildings and museums, as it has had to in many places.

The interior is spectacular:
The nave

The high altar with the apse on the left


Entrance to the sacristy

The plan

The apse, center, is just behind that first tree to the left.

Onward around Rome:
Emperor Claudius

S. P. Q. R.
Senātus Populusque Rōmānus
The Senate and People of Rome

Via del Boccaccio

Palazzo Barberini

The Trevi Fountain
What about Byron?
Keats-Shelley House
The Spanish Steps

Would you enter this door?

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