Thursday, May 2, 2019

MoCCA Fest 2019: Jennifer Hayden's The Story of My Tits and Other Books

My final purchases at the MoCCA Arts Festival 2019 were all graphic works by Jennifer Hayden starting with her best-known book, The Story of My Tits (2015), which was nominated for an Eisner award. The book is paperbound and I managed to crease the cover in transit even before getting it home. This is the number one reason I prefer hardcover books: my own clumsiness.
Jennifer Hayden
The Story of My Tits (2015)
With a drawing of a neolithic Venus

Her most recent collection is A Flight of Chickens (2018). It contains, so far as I can figure, some of her older comics:
Jennifer Hayden
A Flight of Chickens (2018)

Rushes:  A Comix Diary dates from 2013. I would go on record here as objecting the cutesy spelling of comics with an x if it didn't make me sound so hopelessly old and curmudgeonly.
Jennifer Hayden
Rushes:  A Comix Diary (2013)

Underwire was published in 2011:
Jennifer Hayden
Underwire (2011)

Coming soon, one hopes, is Le Chat Noir, named for the celebrated 19th century bohemian nightclub in Montmartre. The cat, as it appeared in posters for the cabaret, is modeled after that of Théophile Alexandre Steinlen. The preview was given away gratis with the purchase of copies of The Story of My Tits and Ms. Hayden was good enough to sign it too.
Jennifer Hayden
Le Chat Noir: A Preview of a Travel Novella in Progress

Note:  This post marks Jennifer Hayden's first appearance on Attempted Bloggery. Let's hope for many more.

This post also concludes the comprehensive review of my recent acquisitions at MoCCA Fest 2019. If you yourself picked up something extraordinary there, why not send in a photo or two? I promise to at least look at it if not post it here on the blog. 

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