Friday, May 3, 2019

Emily Flake Drew These

Last month at Parsons School of Design I attended a panel discussion which dared to ask, Is The American Bystander "The Last Great Humor Magazine?" The short answer is yes.

During the panel, New Yorker cartoonist Emily Flake unobtrusively made some pencil sketches on a folded sheet of paper. At the conclusion, illustrator and collagist Stephen Kroninger sagely suggested that she donate the sheet to a worthy cause: this blog. She seemed surprised that I would be interested in publicizing these fanciful images but she was willing to humor me by writing "Emily Flake drew these" across the top.

"Emily Flake drew these"
At the panel discussion, Ms. Flake can be seen putting pencil to this sheet of paper.
Panel, left to right: Sam Gross, Steve Young, Drew Friedman, Emily Flake, Stephen Kroninger, and Michael Gerber
Is The American Bystander "The Last Great Print Humor Magazine?"
April 16, 2019
NY Comics & Picture-story Symposium
Parsons School of Design

Note:  My thanks to illustrator Stephen Kroninger for spotting Emily Flake's page of whimsy and brokering my acquisition of it. Stephen remains a strong supporter of Attempted Bloggery and is the only contributor to have had his work exhibited at MoMA.

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