Tuesday, May 28, 2019

H. T. Webster: A Green Thumb

Advertising agency Young & Rubicam enlisted quite a few cartoonists in its long-running in-house print campaign promoting the company's own services. Potential clients were shown various means by which the agency brought its unique skills to marketing and branding. Along the way a variety of not-so-subtle analogies were made. Cartoonists, with their myriad creative approaches, were the ideal conveyors of this corporate message. For example, a 1951 cartoon by the superb H. T. Webster (1885-1952) is intended to imply that Y & R is the ad agency with a green thumb, one that will harvest a creative bounty. Why use anyone else?

What a whale of a difference a "green thumb" makes
H. T. Webster
Young & Rubicam advertisement

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