Friday, December 1, 2017

Otto Soglow: Secret Papers of the Dutch Treat Club

Artwork by Otto Soglow, creator of the Little King, depicts the cartoonist seeking inspiration to create a page in the Dutch Treat Club's racy yearbook. He appears morose at the outset, then settles on a theme—"What a theme!"— for his gag. He's going to perform an aggressive search through depersonalized and oversized female anatomy for the secret papers of the Dutch Treat Club. Only then can the cartoonist, without so much as a "Pardon me," retreat gleefully to his drawing board and accomplish his task. The objectification of women's bodies is a recurring theme in the yearbooks of the (all-male) Dutch Treat Club, but this seems an especially egregious example. The original art is currently listed on eBay.

With Strategic Post-It Notes for eBay

"'For Comparison'
Not for Sale"

Otto Soglow
Original art, The Dutch Treat Club yearbook, 1950

Otto Soglow
eBay Listing as of November 30, 2017

Otto Soglow
eBay Item Description

Note:  Well, there's a trip we haven't taken before. I've violated so many norms this week I should be in Washington. 

The eBay seller's estimate that this artwork is circa 1955 seems reasonable. Collectors are urged to search through their libraries of Dutch Treat Club yearbooks so we can assign a more precise date to the art. Just look at page 10. No scythe needed. (Update: Well, it isn't on page 10 after all, but the yearbook is 1950. I have updated the caption on the artwork to reflect this new information. Thanks to Stephen Kroninger for doing the research!)

I am interested in scans or photographs of original cartoon art like this page by the prolific Otto Soglow. Rare and obscure published work including that appearing in College Humor or the Dutch Treat Club yearbooks is in demand here.

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