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Frank Hanley: The Christmas Spirit

In case you missed it on the newsstands, here are a few pages of "The Christmas Spirit"-themed issue of Judge from December 13, 1930. The busy and festive three-color cover illustration is by Frank Hanley.

Frank Hanley, The Christmas Spirit
Judge, December 13, 1930

Carl Becker's art deco illustration for Powers Reproduction Corporation, photoengravers, demonstrates that when you're wearing fur you don't need much else.
Carl Becker ad for Powers Reproduction Corporation                    Lenz Bridge Contest                                    
Judge, December 13, 1930, inside front cover and page 1

Ed Graham, "Send up some cracked ice to Mrs. Blitz at the Ritz Towers—her daughter is throwing a début party!"
I. Klein, A Great Moment in the Life of a Chicagoan:  He is mistaken for Al Capone.
Chon Day, "I wonder where the boss put this guy's art work?"
E. Simms Campbell, "Listen—when are we ever going to get heat in our apartment?"
"I dunno—I'm only th' janitor."

Judge, December 13, 1930, pages 8-9

Bruce Bairnsfather, "Alright, leggo now Bert.  She's open!"                     
                                                             "Judging the Movies"
by Pare Lorentz
Judge, December 13, 1930, pages 18-19

Jefferson Machamer
Judge, Junior's Christmas Lists
Judge, December 13, 1930, pages 24-25

"Everyone knows that heat purifies and so 20,679 physicians say that Luckies are less irritating to your throat."
Judge, December 13, 1930, back cover

Judge, December 13, 1930
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Judge, December 13, 1930
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Note:  At press time, this copy of the magazine is still available on eBay.

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