Saturday, December 23, 2017

Robert Day: Treading Lightly

One might not necessarily expect to find an especially robust market for old magazine Christmas gift subscription forms, but the New Yorker at least had the good sense to illustrate such forms with gorgeous magazine covers from its archive. A subscription form offered and sold last year on eBay includes a Robert Day cover from 1935 illustrating a Christmas shopper who has good reason to tread lightly.

The New Yorker Christmas gift subscription form

Robert Day
eBay Listing Ended October 13, 2016

Robert Day
eBay Item Description

The original magazine cover by Robert Day:
Robert Day
The New Yorker, December 7, 1935

Robert Day doesn't get enough play here. Readers are encouraged to contribute scans or photos of original Day art or of seldom-seen published cartoons.

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