Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Season's Greetings from Arthur Getz

Some years ago, New Yorker cover artist Arthur Getz created an original woodcut of a mother and daughter for use as a holiday card. He added "Season's Greetings" in pencil and signed the print with his initial G. The image is intimate and tender. It remains quite endearing.

I asked the artist's daughter Sarah Getz whether she was the girl in this image. She replied, "I’m not the child in the picture, necessarily—I think it was simply a whimsical mother/daughter image my dad pulled from his head—but I’ve always thought it very sweet."

Note:  My thanks to Sarah Getz for sending the card. The Arthur Getz website is here.

Attempted Bloggery is always pleased to receive scans or photographs of original art by Arthur Getz, the most prolific of The New Yorker's cover artists.

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