Friday, December 8, 2017

Otto Soglow: 1974 Reuben Awards Dinner Program

What should we make of Otto Soglow's program cover for the National Cartoonists Society 1974 Reuben Awards Dinner? The dinner was held on April 22, 1974, with the program cover design capped by the arc of a baseball, reminding us that the new baseball season is underway. The illustration seems both lighthearted and surreal, part disembodied magic act and part lurid sideshow, with the coveted Reuben award depicted as a bearded bathing beauty being offered to a faceless—at least until the winner is announced—tuxedoed recipient. And the winner is...

Otto Soglow
The Cartoonist, 1974

Note:  My thanks once again to Stephen Kroninger for providing Attempted Bloggery with this scarce Soglow scan.

Otto Soglow had a uniquely economic style. I'd be happy to present more scans or photographs of his original art—hint, hint. Images of published rarities such as this NCS cover are also welcome.

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