Thursday, November 30, 2017

Otto Soglow Cannibal Caricatures

Racial caricature was pervasive in American print through the first half of the twentieth century and beyond. An advertisement illustrated by Otto Soglow from late in 1956 is shocking today in it's crudeness. Did it raise any eyebrows back then? It ran in Time magazine, then as now the quintessential mainstream newsmagazine with a paid circulation above two million. Implicitly racist mages like this seem remarkable to us for how uncritically accepted they were by readers, publishers, advertisers, illustrators, and the public in general. Could they have been so commonplace once that no one took any notice?

"It'll last a lifetime—thanks to Alloys[.]"
Otto Soglow
Advertisement for Electromet
Time, December 17, 1956

Note:  As you know, I'm always looking for scans or photographs of original cartoon art by Otto Soglow. Rare and obscure published work including advertising is also welcome.

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