Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Otto Soglow in Broadcasting, March 24, 1941

In 1941, radio was very much in its heyday. Broadcasting, a trade publication which billed itself as The Weekly Newsmagazine of Radio Broadcast Advertising, could afford to hire leading cartoonist Otto Soglow to embellish its cover. The two-color cartoon features, evidently, an advertising or public relations executive who is something of a slacker. It is in seven panels. We see him arrive at his office (no phone in sight, mind you), hang up his coat, have a smoke on company time, and then take a nap. His work ethic seems rather wanting until he dreams of an angel who delivers a much-needed message. Today it seems odd that he has to physically report to the radio station in order to place a radio ad, but again there is no telephone and perhaps the recording of promotions had to be directly supervised. For an editorial cartoon, this looks a lot like a promotion for a specific radio station. WOR is a New York City station which first aired in 1922. That very early debut is the reason the station has only three call letters.

Otto Soglow
Broadcasting, March 24, 1941

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Otto Soglow


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