Sunday, November 5, 2017

Cat Got Your Tail?—George Booth Proposed New Yorker Cover Art

One of the joys of the current exhibition "George Booth—A Cartoonist's Life" at the Society of Illustrators is being able to see a handful of George Booth's magazine cover proposals for The New Yorker. It is of course distinctly unusual for a national weekly newsmagazine to feature artistic cover illustrations without the distraction of blurbs or titles, and Mr. Booth himself brings a distinctly unusual sensibility to the art form. To wit: in a clean, comfortable home featuring throw rugs, a floral arrangement, and patterned wallpaper, the one thing that has captured the cat's attention is the terrier's wagging tail. A hitherto unknown magazine cover proposal, this image is nothing short of delightful. The exhibition is curated by J. J. Sedelmaier.

Note:  "George Booth—A Cartoonist's Life" remains on view at the Society of Illustrators in New York through December 30, 2017. On Wednesday evening November 8th the Society will host "An Evening with George Booth." Tickets are available online. Come see the art and see Mr. Booth. Hey, see me too.

The original art shown here is from the George Booth Collection via the Society of Illustrators. This blog could always use a few more scans or photos of original art by this world-class cartoonist. Published rarities are welcome too.

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