Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Punning Otto Soglow

For the May 1948 issue of The American Magazine, cartoonist Otto Soglow ventured into the fraught world of animal puns. In point of fact, the cartoon gives us not one  pun, but two. We don't get to see a lot of punning cartoons on this blog. Maybe this will explain why...

Otto Soglow
"How do you expect to get any attention, deer? You haven't got the gnu look."
The American Magazine,
May 1948, page 107

Scan by Dick Buchanan

Note:  A tip of the hat goes to Dick Buchanan for providing Attempted Bloggery with a superb scan from the legendary Dick Buchanan Cartoon Clip Files. Truth is, I never heard of The American Magazine until Dick mentioned it to me and sent a few scans. Dick contributes regularly to Mike Lynch Cartoons, most recently a post entitled, "From the Dick Buchanan Files: More 1960s Cartoons from PUNCH."

Ambitious readers with access to original art or other published rarities by Otto Soglow are encouraged to contribute scans or photos to this blog. Let's keep this unique cartoonist in the public eye.

Not counting my Caption Contest submissions, today's cartoons contains probably the most outrageous pun ever to appear on Attempted Bloggery. Readers are invited to dig into their own archives and submit other examples of punning cartoons with an equal or if possible greater groan quotient.

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