Sunday, November 26, 2017

Otto Soglow: In Search of the Still Life Class

An original cartoon by Otto Soglow (1900-1975) was offered for sale last year at Burchard Galleries in St. Petersburg. The work is inscribed by Mr. Soglow "With best wishes to Chris." Christian Buchheit (1885-1974) "served for 50 years as Building Superintendent for The Art Students League in New York." Nearly one-hundred works from his estate were offered at auction.  According to, “'This is truly a rare estate find,' said Jeffrey Burchard, owner of Burchard Galleries. 'When Mr. Buchheit retired, many of the League artists and teachers paid tribute by presenting him with a 50th year anniversary party that included a portfolio of original watercolors, drawings, oils and prints. Many of these will be in the auction and are being offered to the public for the first time.'” The present work of a bewildered drawing student lost amidst giant nude sculptures sold for $250.
Otto Soglow, original art
"Where is the still life class?"
Inscribed "With best wishes to Chris/O. Soglow"

Otto Soglow, original matted art
"Where is the still life class?"
Inscribed "With best wishes to Chris/O. Soglow"

Burchard Galleries, Inc.
November 13, 2016

Note:  Was this drawing published or was it, as seems likely, created specifically for retiring building superintendent Christian Buchheit of the Art Students League? Is the man in the dark suit a caricature of Christian Buchheit? Could it be an image for the Dutch Treat Club? Anyone with additional information is encouraged to contact me.

Otto Soglow produced a prodigious amount of material in his lifetime, and
Attempted Bloggery wants to show you more of it. In the spirit of the befuddled art student lost among giant nudes, I stand amidst the enormous chaos of the internet and ask my readers once again to forward high-quality scans or photographs of original cartoon art by Otto Soglow. I also seek examples of extremely rare and obscure published work. And directions to the still life class.

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