Thursday, June 1, 2017

The File on Buford Tune

Five obscure gag cartoons by Buford Tune come to us today courtesy of Dick Buchanan's Cartoon Clip File. The earliest three cartoons are from 1000 New Jokes published by Dell. The title was formerly known as Ballyhoo and would later be shortened to 1000 Jokes. This undated issue is from the late 1930's and is quite possibly the first of this title.

In the first Tune cartoon, the setting is a lighthouse. The sailors can't possibly have as good a view as we do:
"All the ships seem to be coming this way, Henry!"
Buford Tune, 1000 New Jokes, n.d., c. 1937-38, page 13

In the second cartoon, we can finally understand the appeal of tobacco:
"Henry's done nothing but sit and smoke for the past three days!"
Buford Tune, 1000 New Jokes, n.d., c. 1937-38, page 31

Somehow cartoonists like Tune seem to know instinctively what goes on in doctors' offices:
"But, doctor—I only have a sprained ankle!"
Buford Tune, 1000 New Jokes, n.d., c. 1937-38, page 32

From Click's Cartoon Annual of 1940, there is a well-executed but perhaps not so well-written gag about height. While the caption could use a little work, even so the gag is simply not that inspired.
"How old was young Thornton when he first came with us?"
Buford Tune, Click's Cartoon Annual, January 1940, Vol. 1, No. 1, page 93

Finally, a Collier's cartoon from 1941 shows Tune again adapting his style to a different market. This prompts the question: are the less risqué gags also less funny?
"My—what we would do to your skin if you could leave it overnight!"
Buford Tune, Collier's, October 26, 1941, page 61

Note:  These cartoons appear here courtesy of Dick Buchanan's Cartoon Clip File. Thanks, Dick.

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