Sunday, June 18, 2017

Frank Beaven in College Humor, October 1937

Goodness gracious! If you think a 1930's gag cartoon featuring two busty women and calling attention to their obvious physical similarities is the sort of puerile, sophomoric humor that could only appear in a magazine like, well, College Humor, think again.
"You should know each other—with so much in common."
Frank Beaven
College Humor, Vol. 6, No. 2, October 1937, page 39

If we go back six years earlier, we can find a similar theme to the Frank Beaven College Humor cartoon, only it's a classic Peter Arno drawing. This one was created not for the college crowd but for the urbane and sophisticated readers of the New Yorker.
Peter Arno, The New Yorker, October 10, 1931, page 20

Note:  That's just my way of wishing a happy Father's Day to all!

This marks Frank Beaven's first appearance on the blog.

The October 1937 issue of College Humor glimpsed here, alasdoes not belong to me. It is part of the Steven Boss humor magazine collection at Columbia University, some 5,600 magazines crying out for serious research. Instead, they got me. More than a year ago I ventured into the Rare Book & Manuscript Library where library staff confiscated my ink and my coat and then gave me free reign to go through boxes of magazines. Librarian Karen Green, the Curator for Comics and Cartoons at Columbia University, can get you started on your own research in the collection. Tell her I sent you and maybe you can have some pencils. Don't worry though: I got my jacket and pens back when I left.

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