Sunday, June 11, 2017

Lou Myers in Times Square

In 1973, Cullen Rapp, Inc., as agent for cartoonist Lou Myers, send art directors a mailer that folded out into a poster of Times Square. Such mailers were used to inform potential advertisers of the talents who were available for hire and to provide a showcase for them. Times Square in 1973 wasn't the sparkling, tourist-friendly haven it is today; it was teeming with seedy hotels, peep shows, sex shops, and X-rated movie houses. Myers shows us not only the bustling streets; he gives us cutaway views into the hotels and other businesses, treating each room as a freestanding cartoon panel. The result is overwhelming, a comic compendium of impossibly bizarre practices. Myers's 2005 obituary in the Times by Steven Heller makes note both of his risk-taking and of his success with corporate clients. This image of Times Square shows paradoxically that his talent was not only provocative, it was marketable.

Lou Myers
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Lou Myers
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Note:  Today Rapp Art represents Brian Ajhar, Seth, and Michael Witte, among many others.

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